Hi! I’m Leilani.

Yoga teacher, reiki master and holistic entrepreneur dedicated to sharing my offerings to help you step into the highest vision of yourself.

 As a former business owner, I know the stress of living a life that has you being pulled in every direction.  Trying to keep a balance between family and career has to be one of the biggest challenges women are faced with.

After having kids I tried to do it all,  all the things I thought I was ‘supposed’ to be doing.  Where I ended up landing was in a place where I didn’t recognize or know who I was anymore.  I realized that the important moments in my life were passing by and I wasn’t mentally or emotionally there to see them.  It wasn’t until I noticed that my husband and children were as unhappy as me, when it dawned on me something had to change.


Out of the me and into the WE –  I’ve never looked back.

Yoga was a passion that turned into the most fulfilling ‘job’ I have ever had. Trained in hatha, vinyasa, restorative and hot yoga, I continue to find so much  joy in being a student first.  Teaching is the most sincere way to weave my myriad of life experiences into memorable, inspiring and healing classes for my students and clients. Combining Reiki into the restorative elements of a class or private session has proven to create an even greater balance between body, mind and spirit.

Join me, at a class or training. Let’s have some fun discovering and taking care of YOU.


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